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Prevent Security Risks of 3rd-Parties Vendor Remote Access Across Building Operations 

When: Tuesday, November 20, 2018, 9 am PT/ Noon ET

Practically every commercial facility relies on vendors for critical IT tasks, providing them privileged access to building systems--and making networks increasingly vulnerable to a security breach.

Attend this webcast with the Founder of Memoori Research, Jim McHale and ioTium's CEO, Ron Victor,  and learn how to determine who is on your network, and what they're doing there. Review strategies to control, monitor, manage and audit all vendor access to critical systems across a building portfolio, and protect a facility's data, infrastructure, and assets from cyber attacks.


  • Gain insight into what vendors are doing while on the network
  • Identify ways to control, monitor and audit vendor access
  • Discuss how to protect company and customer data
  • Learn how to protect infrastructure and assets from cyber attacks by securing vendor access and improving productivity



   Jim McHale                        Ron Victor
Memoori Research                  ioTium